Create a Safe and Beautiful Home with These Spring Renewal Tips

  • Posted on Mar 1, 2020

March/April 2020 – March is the first day of spring which symbolizes renewal –we are ALL about renewal right now! J March begins the renewal of our commitment to our community and to our clients. We are in the process of refreshing our website (launching April), social media, logo, and client communication. You’ll be hearing more from us on a consistent bases as we share tips and information we think you’ll find helpful.

For most of us, our home is our biggest investment. It’s where we live, eat, play, and rest. It may also be the one thing we leave to our loved ones once we’re gone. In our heart, we know it’s in our best interest to take good care of our home. During winter, our home may seem to hibernate, but in the spring, it’s awake and hungry for our attention as delayed maintenance reveals itself! Even now, as the outbreak of COVID-19 compels us to practice “social distancing” and stay home as schools close and events cancel –  it reminds us of how important is it to have a well maintained, enjoyable home we can take reprieve in.

Don’t procrastinate. Assess the work your home needs to be safe and comfortable. Waiting too long can make repairs expensive and time consuming. If your ceiling fan needs repair, fix it before the weather gets too hot and you find yourself suffering. Now is also a great time to build or repair your deck, screened porch, or patio. The sooner it’s repaired, the more time you’ll have to enjoy it. 

As you pull cobwebs off your lawnmower, please be safe! Lawnmowers should be tuned up annually, the blades sharpened and spark plug checked. The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health released a research study showing lawn mowing injuries cause about 80,000 Americans to go to the hospital every year. It states that “the majority of injuries happen to children under 15 and adults over the age of 60.” The senior study author, David Bishai, MD, PhD, MPH recommends that when mowing your lawn –  remove any debris prior so it doesn’t become a dangerous projectile, wear protective gloves, avoid mowing in high heat, wear sturdy closed-toe shoes, don’t allow children under 12 to mow, and store mowers in an area that’s child-proof.  

If you prefer to have someone else take care of it, reach out to our friend Minh Vo (301-622-6966) at and tell him JOA Real Estate Group sent you. We don’t receive any referral fee for our recommendation. We’ve used them for years and continue to be impressed with their professionalism and high-quality work. They are honest, reliable, and responsive when you communicate your needs.

Next month is April. We will be celebrating Easter and Earth Day! Be sure to have your lawn looking good and otherwise ensure it’s safe for Easter festivities. Additionally, we recommend that for Earth Day 2020, you consider starting to Compost. Composting biodegradable food and materials reduces waste and nourishes wildlife, among other things. 

Please visit the Environmental Protection Agency website for details on how to get started: You’ll learn Composting Basics, Benefits of Composting, and How to Compost at Home.

Have a beautiful, safe, and wonderful spring!

~ Your friends at JOA Real Estate Group, LLC