FAQs Project Perfect Professionals

How are payments made, and when?

Payments are made through progress payments. This means a 1/3 payment deposit at the time the contract is signed. Another 1/3 payment Half-way through, and the remaining 1/3 at completion. In short, once the work is completed to a pre-determined point, a pre-determined payment is made, with final payment due upon completion. Some of our clients choose to pay 100% upfront, especially for small projects. That is fine too. We are happy to accept that, but we will not require more than 1/3 deposit payment upfront to get started on your project. We take check, credit card, and cash app. Receipts are always provided. 

Who is responsible for clean-up and garbage removal?No worries! We take full responsibility for responsible for clean-up and garbage removal. The level of final clean-up is generally ‘broom finish,’ which is not quite to a final move in cleaning level. We do have a housekeeper we recommend if you’d like a deep clean. The price for garbage removal is already included in the proposal. We will also ensure cleanliness and safety during the project. We cover floors, items and vents as needed. If there is something you feel will need extra protect, please communicate that to us. 

How many of your customers come from repeat business, or from referrals from existing or previous customers?

We are very blessed to say that over 50% of our customers come to us or are referred to us from customers we’ve performed for in the past. As you will see when you check our references, there is a reason for such a loyal client base.

What about permits?

If a permit is required, we will obtain it, attend inspections, and make sure everything is built to code and regulations. 

How long have you been in business?

We’ve been providing remodeling and renovation services since December 2011 and room rentals since 2013, but formalized JOA Real Estate Group, LLC in 2016.  Our early years included lots of work as a reliable and high quality sub-contractor for large construction companies doing residential and commercial projects. We also provided personalized flip-rehab services to real estate investors. 

More recently we have designed and built rental suites for homeowners seeking to generate additional income in their homes, created additional bedrooms and bathrooms from scratch for intergenerational households, and XX services for the very elderly and disabled who require extra consideration and care. 

We are the trusted choice for out of state investors or families who need work done for love ones, but can’t be there in-person. We leverage video, photos, FaceTime and other means to ensure you feel comfortable and stay informed. For example, when we remodeled a large community room at a Church, we met multiple times with the church’s committee group in charge of the project to answer questions and brought sample of materials to help them choose, adapted to their unique payment needs as a non-profit spiritual community, and uploaded commentary, photos, and videos of the project as it progressed on the church’s Facebook page, and more. We specialize in projects that require extra care, patience, and communication where you can be confident your project is in good hands.

What about materials?

You let us know what your preference is. Depending on your circumstances and comfort level with construction materials, you may want us to include all of the materials in our proposal, some or none.  We’ll provide our recommendations based on your project during our meeting, but you decide what works best for you.

I see you do Fix and Flips. I’m an out of state investor with a property I want to fix and flip in the DMV. Can you help me?

Yes of course! We understand the value in working with real estate investors and getting repeat business. We know the unique circumstances faced by real estate investors in the DMV. We’ve flipped a house ourselves and have helped many others get their homes or investment properties ready for sale. Because of this we have home stagers and other affiliates we can recommend to help make your sale as quick and smooth as possible. Because you’re out of state, we will give pay extra attention to communication by sharing regular photos, videos, and other updates with you. It’s important that you are comfortable with the work being done and that we always keep you informed on the details of the project that are most important to you. 

My parent or loved one lives in the DMV. They are not physically able to take care of the home maintenance and repair required to keep their home safe, but I live too far away to oversee the details of everything. Can you help me?

Absolutely! We can go to their home and assess the situation. We will keep you in the loop and clarify what needs to be done and how much. We enjoy working with the elderly and would be happy to help your loved one make their home safer and handle routine or complex maintenance and repair. We also have experience working with clients who have dementia or other issues that require extra patience, care, and support during their projects. We often communicate directly with our clients’ caretakers or therapist on adjustments for their home or unique needs when applicable.