When is rent due? 

Rent is due on the 25thof each month. For example, January rent is due December 25thand February rent is due January 25th. Since your Room Rental is all-inclusive, having you pay on the 25thhelps us better manage recurring bills.

How do I pay my rent?

We use tenantcloud.com, a secure and easy to use online portal. You can make a one-time payment or schedule your rent for Auto Pay each month. ACH payments are 100% free – you only need to link your checking accounts to and set up payments, and we’ll take care of the rest. You’ll pay a transaction fee to pay your rent with a credit or debit card. Any payment you make through tenantcloud.com should appear on your card statement as a regular charge, and not a cash advance

For your convenience, you may also pay your rent through CashApp, Direct Deposit into our bank account, or money order. CashApp, Direct Deposit, and money orders come with a $10 administrative fee. When you don’t pay through Tenantcloud.com, we must manually update the platform, which takes extra time and effort. Direct deposits into our account must be accompanied by a photo of the receipt in order to be credited to you. 

How do I apply to rent a room?

Please click on the link below to view our Listing Gallery of available rooms in one convenient place. 


Availability can change daily and prices adjust based on demand, so check back often. After viewing our available rooms, click the “Apply” button to apply to that specific room. You must complete the background and credit check (total of $35) through the TenantCloud application. Give email or text us if you’d like to see a room in person. We will ask you to answer a few pre-qualifying questions first.

What exactly is Rooms at Emerald Home?

Rooms at Emerald Home is the room rental division of JOA Real Estate Group, LLC. It provides all-inclusive affordable and quality rooms with flexible month-to-month leases in Silver Spring, College Park, and Beltsville. We have about 40 fully furnished rooms near public transportation, shopping centers, the University of Maryland College Park, and the Food and Drug Administration at White Oak. We take great care of our residents and do our best to keep them happy and comfortable. 

We list our rooms on a variety of platforms such as TenantCloud, Craigslist, and AirBnB.

How long can you hold a room for me?

You can move in immediately as availability allows or reserve your room up to 30 days before move-in. You must put down a security deposit in order to reserve your room. If you don’t move into the room on the agreed upon date, your deposit is forfeited and not returned.

I’m afraid I won’t be approved. What is required to qualify?

Depending on the room, a security deposit of $500 or up to a month’s rent is required for occupancy. Bad credit is OK, however we avoid renting to those with evictions. A legal ID and a background check are also required. Because Rooms at Emerald Home is a shared living experience and safety is non-negotiable – we give tremendous weight to the background check. The background and credit check total $35 and are paid directly by you via the TenantCloud online portal. The application includes references, which we check. There is no application fee. 

When my credit score is pulled, will it lower my credit score?

Nope! A credit report will not lower your credit score. This is because whenever someone orders their own credit report, it is considered a soft credit check, aka “Soft-pull”. A soft credit inquiry has no affect on a credit score. 

Do you have any availability for couples or a parent with a child?

Each adult must complete an application which includes a credit and background check. Rooms with more than 1 occupant are usually 200 more per month. Because of the limitation in how many unrelated people may live in a single house, we are often limited and not able to accept couples and/or families.

Are overnight guests allowed? 

Yes, with limitations. Our leases state that residents, “Shall not allow guests to stay over more than twice a month without the Landlords explicit permission. And Tenant’s guests shall at all times maintain order in the Premises and at all places on the Premises, and shall not make or permit any loud or improper noises, or otherwise disturb other residents”

I’m single and have custody of my child on weekends. Can they stay in the room with me when visiting?

Yes, and this must be communicated and clarified to us upfront to ensure the room in suitable for this and that the other residents are aware; for their information. 

Do you require renters insurance?

No! But we do recommend it.

How much will it cost to move in?

The background and credit checks are 3$5 which you pay directly to TenantCloud. Then, you’ll pay your security deposit which will be between $500- to one months rent. If you move in on any other day of the month besides the 1rst, we will prorate your rent. For example, if your rent is 799 and you move in on the 5thof January: 500 deposit + 695.79 for 27 days (25.77 a day because of 31 days in January) 

When can I move in?

You can move in any day of the week at a mutually agreeable time. It’s very flexible to meet your needs.

How much do your rooms cost?

Our rents range from 650-1100 with most rooms costing 799. They include all utilities, complimentary high-speed internet, bi-weekly maid cleaning of common areas, and laundry facilities. By simply sharing a few common areas such as kitchen, bathrooms, and living room – you save hundreds of dollars than if you rented an apartment. Unlike other rooms for rent, you don’t have the stress of having to split utilities with your housemates either. This and other perks makes budgeting easy and stress free.

How does a Month-to-Month lease work?

Our flexible, 30-day leases are a fantastic value. You can leave anytime with a 30-day notice. The rent includes all utilities and free internet among other perks which makes budgeting easy and stress free. It’s perfect for those who value freedom and the ability not to be tied down unless you want to. No 6,9, or even 12 month leases to lock you in. We don’t have to chain you to a long lease because we’re confident you’ll enjoy your stay so much; you’ll stay as long as you possibly can!

Additionally, we are the ideal choice for international students, fellows, and interns who need hosing for short periods of time. Your monthly lease automatically renews every month. Residents stay with us for as little as 31 days to multiple years – all on a month-to-month lease. Simply give us at least a 30 day notice before you’re ready to vacate. 

Once you application is approved and deposit received, we will send your lease by email via DocuSign (for electronic signature).

What about keys and safety?

You’ll appreciate having a key to your own bedroom door in addition to the house. We pride ourselves on creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere in Rooms at Emerald Home. Since our inception, our rooms have been mixed-gendered, LGBT friendly, diverse, and deliberately inclusive. We have zero tolerance for illegal or inappropriate behavior. It’s our priority that you feel happy and comfortable, emotionally and physically. 

Rooms at Emerald Home is also smoking-restricted with a strict no smoking policy. Feel comfortable knowing each of your housemates have passed a background check. You are allowed to make copies of your room key to avoid paying a lock out or key replacement fee should you lose your keys.