Personal Note from the Contreras Family

  • Posted on Jan 1, 2020


Thank you so much for visiting our website and giving us the opportunity to work with you, we appreciate it! My husband and I started JOA Real Estate Group, LLC as a family business and we work together. 

A General Contractor by trade for over 10 years, my husband loves construction, remodeling, and making things work beautifully. He is our on-call maintenance man when something needs fixing at our properties. When we change a half bath to a full or add rooms; he is our go-to guy. In his spare time, he plays “futbol” (Spanish soccer) with a team twice a week, enjoys watching the Family Guy TV show, after spending time in his art studio. We have been married since October 2011. When we were dating, he wasn’t the type to buy me flowers or candy –  instead he did things like building me a custom TV stand after I confessed I couldn’t fine one that matched my preferences and the space. He took measurements while I wasn’t looking and presented me with the Custom TV stand days later!  When my father suffered a stroke and became confined to a wheelchair, John built a custom wheelchair ramp and made many disability modifications to my parents’ house that has made their quality of life so much easier. I guess you can say I fell in love with his hands! J

Though I am not afraid to pick up a paintbrush here or there, my strength and joy comes from working on the people side of our business. I enjoy meeting prospective tenants, screening them and making sure their needs are met and they are happy once they are renting rooms from us. I like connecting with our clients on their desired construction projects and making sure we understand their needs and exceed their expectations. In my spare time, I like to write creative stories and poetry and read business, self-help, and fiction books, and cook.

We’ve been very fortunate because our strengths work great together. When we realized (1) we were getting waiting lists for our room rental properties and (2) more remodeling projects than John could handle by himself due to word of mouth, we knew we had a great thing going! 

We wanted to secure more properties and build up a crew of like-hearted workers. It’s been an exciting journey and a blessing to our family (Amethyst our daughter, Onyx our son, and our two cats – Xena & Gabriel) 

We are constantly educating ourselves and learning more ways of doing things better. We love real estate with a passion and appreciate how much it has helped our business and personal lives. 

Anyway, we just wanted to introduce ourselves and say Hello! Looking forward to working with you soon! 


~ Ebony & John Contreras 

JOA Real Estate Group, LLC