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Free Estimate

Please complete the form below to request a free estimate. We will give you a call to discuss details such as your needs and the scope of your project. The more details (such as but not limited to measurements, photos, and desired outcomes) you can provide, the more precise your estimate will be. This estimate is a rough calculation or approximate cost based on the information you provide.

Fixed-Priced Proposal Quote & Consultation Site Visit

Alternatively, you can skip a Free Estimate and request a Fixed-Priced Proposal Quote & Consultation Site Visit instead. 

We will come to the project site and discuss the scope of your project, target dates, budget, and special circumstances. It’s important that all decision makers be present at the meeting so that we can address all your questions, concerns, and needs. We will provide our recommendations based on the project and your desired outcome.  

After the Consultation Site Visit, we will send you a Fixed Price Proposal Quote. This Quote includes start and completion dates, payment terms, cost of labor and materials, cost for permits to be pulled when application, and our MHIC license number. 

An investment of $149.00 is required for our Fixed-Priced Proposal Quote & Consultation Site Visit. If you hire us for your project, we will refund the $149 in the Quote. 

As a community service, the following are exempt from the $149 Fixed-Priced Proposal Quote & Consultation Site Visit fee:

1. Worship Facilities projects

2. Seniors (70+) + Aging in Place Remodeling projects

3. Ministers of a DMV congregation, K-12 Teachers, Active first responders (police, fire fighters, EMTs, FEMA) and active Military